ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE – Case 1 – Nicholas’s Second Follow Up

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For those of you who have been following along with Nicholas’s homeopathy journey through Pierre Fontaine’s Case Study, here are the first two posts. The third post about his second follow up is below.

My initial appointment with Pierre Fontaine
My First Follow Up with Pierre Fontaine

Here are the details on my second follow up with Pierre.

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine, CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

01 June 2010

How is his eye contact, now?

It is a seven. It is phenomenal. He looks at my eyes and waits for a response.
I never saw this before but I noticed it only in the last week or so. I gave him
some supplements again but not at the doses we were at before.

Enhance curcumin has been 1800 mg to 600, I never thought I’d be able to
get rid.

Multivitamin I used to have to give 8 a day

Adrenal cortex helps with anxiety
Fish oil
Oregano oil for the strep and PANDAS. I call it the “Little bastard
syndrome.” It is not an every day thing and it is worse when I don’t give
probiotics. Strep makes him want to control everything.

I give the homeopathic remedy every four days when I see him backslide
which means that out of nowhere his mood changes, basically “Little bastard
syndrome” or when he starts doing things such as talking to himself, staring
in space or when he has a bad day in school. It seems to pick him up each

Euphrasia helped greatly with the allergies because when I cleaned up the
trampoline outside for the first time this year, it was covered with pollen but
he didn’t suffer from any allergies, normally he would have been covered in
a rash.

His spontaneous interaction is a six now. He usually has a purpose. He came
home last week and told us about his school trip to a farm. Normally, getting
things out of him is like pulling teeth. I didn’t even have to ask about it. He
gave lots of details. This was the first time he spoke like this. It was really
impressive. Now he tells me not to say bad words. Bits of conversation are
coming through every once in a while. Last night he told me he wanted to
get together with Richie then he said “Don’t email his mom, call her!”

I would rate his spontaneous speech at a 7. The cloudiness is there when he
tries to retrieve his words, they are there but they are not coming out. His
conversational speech is expanding. He has also asked to go to a particular

Tell me about “The empty soul”

I don’t think it is an empty soul at all anymore, in that respect he seems like a
normal kid. The therapists said they want to cut me for next year. Disconnect
between the eyes and the brain is also better, the fog seems to have gone

How about Gastro-intestinal?

He tends towards constipation but he is having regular bowel movement.

Comment: As we can see the improvement is consistent and increasing.
His health is also increasingly better. His allergies are clearly better, his
constipation that needed so much intervention is gone.

GRANITUM (Lap – gr – m) 30 C

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