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5 days on DRN and….

No changes.  Crazy hyper.  Tantrums.  out. of. control. I want my child back.  This is freakin insane.  How did we ever live with this in the first place??  I cannot (and WILL NOT) get used to this again.  How much can one person endure?  He was doing so well, now it’s gone.  Like the last […]

Adding Kirkman DRN formula to replace Brainchild Vitamins & Minerals

Started DRN formula (from kirkman) – this has high dose vit-a and not the same quantities of the brainchild’s. Also, no folinic acid in the DRN. Dr suggested this be added at the same time MB-12 was started because we saw such a regression with the removal of the brainchild. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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