Something got me thinking today….

I read a post on a newsgroup as I often do, about a mom who was thinking that if she gave one vaccine at a time then she’d know which one was the one that caused the problem for her child.

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Lady, that’s information I wish I didn’t know.  Information I wish never lead me down this path.  Information that I wish I had read from other mothers before my son was born.  Who freakin cares which vaccine does it – they’re all bad.  And really, the powers that be don’t give a hoot which one harmed your child, nor will they ever admit that their vaccination had any negative reaction.  And you’ll be left with a child with an ASD, or worse and no one to help you cure your son but yourself.  No one to foot the HUGE supplement bills….etc etc.

As a mother of a child with an ASD, I find this to be one of the most idiotic statements I have read yet.  Let’s give him one at a time and see which one damages him neurologically.  Okay.  So to add to the stupidity of it all, try this scenario….  Go get a gun, put one bullet in and go and play russian roulette – how many times can YOU pull the trigger before the bullet comes flying out at your brain?  Why do you think injecting a vaccine is any different then firing a gun at your brain?  When you think about it, it’s really not all that different, theoretically.

Your child’s brain is not a GAME of chance.  It’s his development, his childhood, his future, his everything.  and you’re playing the let’s see which one could do it game like so many other parents.  JESUS!  Do your research.  Learn about the actual diseases (and cures) that you’re blindly vaccinating for.  Then decide if the RISK is worth the CHANCE.

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