Could an epidural have contributed to my son’s autism?

This is something that has me thinking quite a bit lately.  Mainly because it’s odd, and remembering the look that the anesthesiologist gave me when I said this……….  it was somewhere in the middle of the night, 2am, 4am – not sure, but late.   I was in labor, hubby was sleep in the chair – when they came in and gave me another shot into my epidural as the previous one had worn off.  All of a sudden, everything sounded metallic, think robotic.  The TV – robotic.  I freaked out.  Woke hubby up – he sounded robotic.  They called the anesthesiologist back and he looked said, “no, you taste metal?”  I said, “no, you sound like a freakin robot!”  Before the conversation ended, my hearing went back to normal – and it did not happen again.  But, now I sit here and think… what the hell was in the epidural?  Great, more metal, I’m sure.  Injected right into Mommy – and gee, let’s guess at how many hours it had to go from me to him.  At least 9 hours.  9 hours which could have been the first straw.

If you were googling and came across this blog and the same thing happened to you, I’d love to hear from you — please email me.  mom{at}  replace the {a} with @.

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