Biomed is Quackery

So, I’m surfing the web tonight looking for famous people who have autism and what I found instead were blogs from mothers and fathers who have children with autism that truly think nothing can be done to help their children, so they sit and blog negative articles about those who have healed or are healing their children.  They think that the biomedical approach is quackery.

My heart goes out to all of those children.

I sit here and I wonder… what exactly is so “biomedical” about removing milk from your child’s diet?  Just this past week, we visited with friends who also have a son with autism.  Two days into our visit, we told them to chuck the milk.  In just a couple of days, they’ve seen a major difference.  Just from milk.

And yet, these other parents just do nothing.  They have the time to sit and type total crap into their blog about how they can’t believe Jenny McCarthy, and etc etc.  So much for helping your child.  You can’t believe the struggles and the journey she went through with her son because she used to be a playboy bunny… but, you can buy the crap your kid’s pediatrician feeds you everytime they pull out that syringe.  Why, because they have a degree in medicine?  Their background isn’t in researching vaccinations or infectious disease.  All they know about that is what they’re told by pharmaceutical reps or what’s written in the pamphlet provided to them by the drug companies.  Doctors that have changed their practices to help our kids are angels.  Yes, there are plenty who are just out there to rip you off, but the majority are angels.

To those of you who think the biomedical approach is quackery, I grieve for the life your children could have had if you had just taken one chance to see if it helped them, but didn’t because you’d rather call us quacks.

I’n proud to be a quack and I have a recovering son to prove I’m not such a quack afterall.  Peace!

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