Regression #2

When we went to Ohio between Christmas and New Years, Nicholas went on strike regarding taking his supplements.  He started regressing January 2nd.  We’re about 6-7 days back into our supplement routine and we’re still seeing the regression with no signs of life starting to go back to normal.  Nicholas continues to make gains on the MB-12, however, him not having his vitamins and minerals has once again turned our lives upside down.

No matter what I did, no matter what I tried, we could no longer get him to drink his “juice” which included all of his supplements.  I spent over $100 on different kinds of juices trying everything I could to mask the flavor and then realized that it wasn’t the taste, I dont think.  He seems to be okay after 3pm to drink anything I put in front of him, but not in the morning anymore….. unless I get him up by 9:30 the latest.  Then, I have a shot at getting his morning supplements into him.

He’s back to temper tantrums, which he had really stopped.  Now, just about anything sets him off, talking to him, looking at him the wrong way, expecting him to do something, etc.  He’s not walking into school and to his classroom like he was.  It’s just terrible.  His level of understanding has clearly been reduced.  He’s being perseverative with actions with his toys, which he has not been for a very long time.    Now, we’re back to clinging to mommy as well.  This is heartbreaking.

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