Eggs, eggs, everywhere

Happy Easter!

Before Nicholas got up, I hid about 30 plastic easter eggs all over the house.  I left a few coming down the stairs and one in a basket.  He immediately knew what to do.  (I have no idea how) This was so incredibly cute – he started running all over and picking up all of the eggs, looking under the sofa cushions, under the table, on the diningroom chairs, in the window, etc. etc.  He hadn’t even found them all and then wanted to sit and open them all.  You had to see his face when he realized that they had candy and playdoh in them – priceless.  More for the playdoh than the candy, thank goodness.  One gene he did not inherit from me is my love of chocolate.  Good, more for me.  🙂

We had reservations for an early dinner – and Nicholas was really, really good.  He gets an A+ for his behaviour in the restaurant and we were there a long time.  A. Long. Time.  He was great through appetizers and dinner, even though we had to send his back because his pasta was just too hard for him.

The Easter Bunny brought Nicholas a couple of movies – The Bee Movie and 101 Dalmations (ok, these were totally for me 🙂 haha)  – we watched them both today – and even put Bee Movie on for a 2nd time – and he was loving them.  Fantastic.  Bee Movie was so cute, we all loved it. 

Nicholas’s belly is coming back down – thank god.  Not sure if I mentioned it, but I measured it like a week ago and it was 25 inches – yikes!  Yeast is not a good thing.  Also, I have been able to make a direct correlation to his ginormous appetite and yeast flareup.  He only eats in mass quantites when yeast is an issue.  Poor kid.

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