Holy Word Explosion, Batman!

Wow, the words coming out of Nicholas are phenominal.  I. am. loving. it.

He’s using words like whistle, blanket – I can’t even think of them all now.  New words we’ve never heard him use before – and they’re coming out of nowhere — he didn’t repeat us saying them!  See, I knew this stuff was in there somewhere! 

He’s back to wanting to do puzzles – and is really checking out all of his toys (and he has a small fortune in toys) and carefully selecting what he wants to play with.  The interaction while doing the puzzles is just amazing, I could not be happier.  He’s naming things, making animal sounds – and this is all UNPROMPTED.  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee

I bought Nicholas a tiger t-shirt -= and showed him that he had a tiger on his shirt.  He said “tiger” and then roared!  I was so happy I could have cried.

He noticed a little puppy dog embroidered on the collar of his shirt yesterday, kind of like the izod logo.  It was too adorable.  Not too long ago, Nicholas was unphased by the things on his clothing and could have cared less.

We’re on tag patrol.  Where his shirt taggies used to be something he enjoyed playing with, now he finds a tag, and comes running, ‘scissors, scissors!!  mommy need scissors” = so cute – I have to get the scissors and cut out the tag.  He just loves this.  It’s like he hit the lottery.

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