Progess Update

We’ve continued to dive twice a day for 1 1/2 hour each dive – and continue to see gains.

Did I mention that Nicholas has stopped throwing up?  He seems to be tolerating food much better – he hasn’t thrown up since we started hbot. 

He’s acknowledging us more and more everyday.  We can no longer sneak passed his bedroom door.

He is responding to us when we speak as though he actually understands what we are saying.  He nods yes and then when we ask him to say yes, we’re getting YES!  He just answered a question daddy asked him with a big “ok daddy” – sometimes he says Otay too, which is very cute!

Tonight he was asking for more pizza, “more pizza please mommy” over and over again – yes, he ate about 5 slices, no kidding – he has quite the appetite.

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