“The last three weeks have shocked us!”

I just spoke with Nicholas’s preschool teacher… here’s her update:

She said that Nicholas is doing great!  They are having so much fun with him.

He chooses what chair he wants to sit in for their circle time.  He no longer has to be seated in a chair with a seatbelt!   (Circle time happens at the beginning of class after the kids enter the classroom.  They sing the hello song and each child gets to bounce on the big bouncy ball as they sing to him/her.)  Now, Nicholas will get up to go to the ball to bounce whereas before the teacher had to go pick him up and bring him over.  She says he laughs and smiles the whole time.

They sing 3 songs throughout the day and Nicholas claps to all the songs.

He’s imitating other kids.

He’s choosing his own activities and loves blocks and playdoh.

Doing really well with parallel play with the other kids.  He used to get upset if a child took a toy from him, now he looks for the teacher/aide to intervene and help him get his toy back.

She said she is really pleased with him.

Transitions are still difficult with him.

They are using pictures with him which is working well.

She said his language is just exploding.  he’s attaching words to everything.  She says blue chair, he says blue chair.

She said he’s turned a fishing game into an entirely different game.  He loves to grab the fish that the kids have caught and put them back into the water.   He loves playing this game.  I told her about the day he came home and told us that he went fishing with mikey when we asked him what he did at school that day.

He says he’s doing amazing… that he’s really getting it.

She’s very positive about him.  He laughs and giggles all the time.  He is making constant progress forward.

They are working on getting him to not say, “help!” or “help me” – as are we.

When I asked specifically how the last three weeks or so have been, she said, “The last three weeks have shocked us!”  They can see a major difference in him.  She said he’s very funny and they’re just seeing this delightful child emerge.  She said that when he first started school, they saw 5% Nicholas and now they’re seeing 80% Nicholas.   (From mid-October to the end of May, that’s fantastic!)

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