Mommy… Grandma & Grandpa are here!!!

Today has been a great day.  Nicholas has been great all day – and is now taking a bath (at his request).  I can hear Daddy and Nicholas playing with his tub flutes and they seem pretty in sync.  🙂  A few minutes ago, Nicholas grabbed his little ducky brush, you know, the ones for their fingernails and started scrubbing the tub saying “clean.. clean.. clean.. clean mommy and daddy.. clean” 

Earlier today, Nicholas was lying on the top of the couch in front of our bay window watching Max and Ruby.  I saw my parents car pull up.  Nicholas must have heard the car because he turned around, got up – and got all excited.  He turns to me and says, “Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa are here!!!”  This might not seem significant because he’s been talking more and more – but he’s been calling Grandma “momma” and grandpa “pappa” or “pop-pop” – so him calling them Grandma and Grandpa is pretty huge – but…. he actually responded to seeing them through the window which he’s never done before like this.

He ran to the front door and opened it up and went running through the front lawn right to the car saying, “pizza, pizza!” because they brought pizza with them.

Gotta go, there’s a cute naked kid with a towel wrapped around him coming my way.  🙂

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