The ever-evolving Nicholas…

So, here are some more gains we’re making here….

Nicholas is telling me after he pees.  He got off of the school bus the other day – and said, “mommy pee pee” – so I said, Ok, let’s go pee-pee.  I take him into the bathroom, pull down his shorts and pull-up and he can’t go – and I can tell he is trying.  After a couple of instances like this, it hit me that he “just” went when he told me.  But hey, that’s progress!

Nicholas is playing with different toys.  I have most of his toys put away in his toyroom – and some he plays with religiously and others not so much.  He hasn’t played with his elefun game since we got it for his birthday last year – and we spent the past couple of days playing it after he brought it upstairs.  He brought up his diego pin ball game and a couple of other things.  Super!

He is seeing more of the world around him.  He never really pulled me to go across the street before – or even really tried – unless someone was standing there.  Now, he just wants to run around the neighborhood and check things out.

Last night, I was eating strawberries…. and Nicholas decided to join me!  He’s never eated an actual strawberry before.  Loves his strawberry banana juice, but he’s never eaten a whole strawberry!  He’ll usually put it in his mouth, spit it out and walk away.  Not last night. 🙂

He is seeing Daddy’s audio equipment and just has to push all of the buttons.  Earlier today,when nothing would get him to stop, I put him in his room for a time out.  After a few minutes, I went into his room and sat down on the floor and calmly told him that he was in his room because mommy asked him to stop touching the buttons and he didn’t listen.  He said, “sorry for pushing buttons mommy” — WHAT??? WOA… I was so not expecting that.

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