Keep ’em coming….

Nicholas now loves his Diego pinball machine that Grandma bought him for Christmas last year.   He’s been playing with it over the past couple of days – and now he’s asking mommy and daddy to play to – but wait, there is a catch.  He loves the way one of the things spins around when you hit it, so he just has the best time telling us to “hit this one” – so darn cute.

He was watching Dora last night and was answering all of their questions.  We were amazed.  He started answering here and there a while ago, but now it’s on a totally different level.

He picked up Dora’s Summer DVD where Dora is in a bathingsuit on a beach on the cover, handed it to me and said, “watch dora at the beach please mommy” – “Nicholas, do you remember when you and mommy went to the beach last summer?”  “Yes,  mommy”  “Do you want to go to the beach again this year?”  “YES!!!!!!!”  (Holy cow, is this my kid?)

I was lying on the couch last night and he actually jumped up and snuggled with me.  Usually I will have some role in initiating that, but this time, he did it all himself.  Got under the blanket, fixed his pillow and everything.  (and we were watching a movie for mommy, not nicholas for a change – no complaints from him either.)

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