Another Great Day!

Nicholas had a great day today. He was funny, chatty and his smile was shining so bright, he just lit up the house!

He is very excited that his spaceship has returned. Daddy and Mommy had been unpacking everything and setting it up. It smells a bit, so we’re trying to off-gas it as much as possible before we get into it. He is just SO happy that it’s back. He has asked for it several times over the past week or so, so I’m very happy that he’s still okay with getting into it. Whew!

Nicholas is watching different things on TV now. He is asking for Bear (bear in the big blue house) now instead of Wubbzy when he comes in from school. We love Bear – for anyone who hasn’t seen it, check it out – we just love it. He just loves Tree-Lo and Tutter the Mouse. He sat for a while and watched the Berenstain Bears and Little Bear – which never appealed to him before.

Before bed tonight, he came into the kitchen where I was working and asked me for an apple. There were no apples in sight. None. Daddy thought he wanted an ice-pop, but I said, no way – he wanted an apple. But, in hearing daddy say ice-pop, wanting an apple turned into leaving the kitchen with an ice-pop. A little while later, Nicholas returned to the kitchen asking for an apple. I had green granny smith’s in a bag on the top shelf in the fridge so I grabbed one – and showed him, he shook his head no and said “no, red apple” — I told him I only had green today and that I would wash it for him – to which he handed it back to me and said “wash it mommy” – he never ate the apple, he likes the red ones. 🙂

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