Splish splash…

So, another great day is behind us. 🙂

Nicholas’s talking is incredible. Everyday, we seem to be getting more out of him. He no longer wishes to play alone for long periods of time. He’ll play by himself for a good long time, but once he’s done, he wants us to give him our undivided attention and play WITH him, which is fantastic!

Before dinner, Grandma took Nicholas outside for a walk. Little did Grandma realize that the walk was only going as far as the garden hose on the side of the house. Mommy joined them – and Nicholas was just in heaven playing with the water in his water table. He made quite a puddle and was just loving running through the puddle and getting all wet! he ran back and forth over and over splashing and just having the time of his life. He would take the hose and aim it at the tree above him – and make it shower down over him – he. loved. every. second. of. it.

Today, I caught him pulling his blocks out of his bookcase in his playroom. Why is this surprising? Because I dont think Nicholas ever “saw” the bookcase and that it is loaded with his toys even though it has been there all along. He hasn’t touched his blocks in maybe 8 months and he grabbed them to play with tonight.

Tonight, Grandma and Grandpa were over visiting and Grandma was holding Nicholas’s drawing toy. Nicholas drew a PERFECT circle – TWICE! It wasn’t a circle where he went round and round, it was one perfectly drawn circle. The 2nd time he drew it, he added eyes (and said eyes as he was adding the dots), the nose (he made this a little circle) and a mouth. Grandma asked him to draw a moon and he started to draw an arc then scribbled across the pad.

Friends of ours were also over, so there were 7 of us – Nicholas was like the little life of the party. He was engaging everyone – talking to everyone, telling us to “sit down” – it was so amazing to see.

Tonight was the first time we actually saw Nicholas receive a gift that he actually took interest in. Our friends brought Nicholas a Dora drum book which has buttons and is musical. He couldn’t wait for me to get it out of the box. He sat with that book for a long time and flipped through it, while playing the music on it. It came with a little plush Dora which Nicholas was actually hugging. he started playing a little game with it where he would hug her, then throw her up in the air. When Dora made it’s way back to Nicholas, he would do it all again.

Today was the last day of school. Nicholas will start the summer session on July 1st in the same classroom, but a different teacher whom he has met many times before.

Nicholas is going to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house tomorrow night and will be spending Saturday there too so Mommy and Daddy can paint. It’ll be his first night away from Mommy and Daddy.

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