Weekend Update

So, Friday night, Grandpa and Grandma picked Nicholas up for his big first over-nighter away from home without either Mommy or Daddy. After we loaded up their car, Nicholas got in and was ready to go. Grandpa commented on how much stuff Nicholas travels with (his bedrail, clothes, supplements, toys and videos..) and Daddy said, Nicholas tell grandpa it’s just for you… Nicholas responded, “pop-pop it’s just me” — it was so cute!

So, they were on their way and we got to working on taking our livingroom apart. By midnight, we were exhausted and famished so we headed to the diner. (yep, we went out to eat at midnight – boy it’s been a long time!) Anyway, Nicholas would not go to sleep for grandma and grandpa – they called around 2am – and we told them to try putting him in bed between them. He would NOT lie down. Grandma was feeling guilty that Nicholas kept asking for Mommy and Daddy, so when they called back at almost 3am, we told them is was okay to bring him home.

Saturday afternoon, they picked him up and brought him back to their house. They had bought a neat sink for him to play with outside and Nicholas just had a field day. He played with the water in that sink all day long. He helped feed the fish, water the plants – he was really good for grandma and grandpa.

When he got hom Saturday night, he was so excited to see us. He grabbed my digital camera, was holding it up to his face and was pointing it at us while saying “cheese” – it was so cute. He snapped almost 100 pictures (no exaggeration) – and was having the time of his life running all over the place saying cheese and then snapping the photo.

He’s starting to be okay with me giving him his shot. He didn’t kick, scream or anything. He just stood there and waited like it was no biggie. I hope this continues.

Sunday afternoon, they picked him up again because we were still painting. All in all, he was really good for them and had a really great time with them.

Last night, we had a little party for Daddy’s birthday and Nicholas even said, “Happy Birthday” to daddy. He did get upset when we started singing happy birthday and ran in the other room. Not really sure why.

His talking continues to improve much to our delight. 🙂

Our HBOT chamber has arrived, so we’re looking forward to getting back in there with him to see what happens next…

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