How do I get all of those supplements into Nicholas??

Well, it’s no easy task, but it’s gotten easier as time goes on. My biggest recommendation to anyone is to open the capsules and taste what’s inside if you’re mixing stuff with juice/liquids. Stuff that has no taste is a no brainer – mix it with anything. Stuff that tastes good isn’t too much of an issue. It’s the stuff that tastes bad…..

Once you have a juice/drink your child drinks supplements in, it’s NOT a good idea to let them taste that particular drink WITHOUT the supplements. In the natural juice section of your grocery store, there are fruit juice pulps in glass bottles, Looza is one brand. (Whole Foods and A&P have it) The bananna, pear and passion fruit do a fantastic job at hiding supplements. As time goes on, you can water the juices down once your little one gets used to the taste so you’re not giving so much juice. It’s trial and error really. We’ve tried sippy cups, juice boxes, you name it… you just gotta find what works for your kiddo.

On the stuff that tastes bad, start with a sprinkle. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sprinkle a small amount in and see how that goes. If that works, add a little more tomorrow and the next day until you’re up at the desired amount. You’ll have much better luck overcoming the bad taste issue if their taste buds become accustomed to it.

Here’s my daily supplement recipe for the most part. Keep in mind, these things are ever-evolving as new supplements are added, old ones taken away, etc.

First thing in the morning, I mix up his daily “iced tea” – it is 8 ounces of Arizona iced tea (that I am weaning down to nothing!) and about 16-20 ounces of fresh brewed iced tea (unsweetened). I add his daily amount of spectrum vitamins and minerals. To this, I also add the dropper stuff (milk thistle extract, advanced biocidin) that only takes a few drops so it’s diluted across 24-28 ounces. Then, I add his Vitamin C (which has a sweet/tart taste to it), Inositol (no taste really), zinc, one capsule gaba, one capsule theanine and shake this all up.

The rest of his supplements get mixed into this mixture as needed, one at a time.

  • Morning #1 – 4 oz iced tea plus Nordic naturals complete omega 369 (1 teaspoon) and Green Pasture High Vitamin CLO (1/2 teaspoon), 7 drops liver life, 4 drops cellfood and also nizoral when he’s on it
  • Morning #2 – 4 oz iced tea plus Virastop, mucostop and Vitamin E and 8 drops liver life
  • Afternoon #1 – 4 oz iced tea plus candex, pro-biotics & 4 drops cell food
  • Afternoon #2 – 4 oz juice with IP-6 & Inositol (can’t give this with minerals)
  • After dinner #1 – 4 oz iced tea plus Claritin, mucostop (1 capsule), gaba (1 cap), 7 drops liver life & 4 drops cell food
  • After dinner #2 – 4 oz iced tea plus virastop (1 cap), theanine (1 cap) & 8 drops liver life
  • After dinner #3 (not always) 4 oz iced tea plus candex & probiotics
  • Enzymes are given at mealtimes and as needed. I am currently changing Nicholas’s pro-biotics, because I really don’t think the current ones are helping anymore. I am also implementing Brainchild’s Yeast protocol, so I’m adding the rest of those ingredients as well.

    I’ll update this listing as I add those ingredients. Feel free to email/post any questions if you need help getting supplements into your child.

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