My little man is quite the trooper!

So, earlier Monday, Nicholas started grabbing the box of band-aids and saying boo-boo and pointing to his foot. At first we thought it was him kidding around, but it continued for quite some time. Then he started not putting his foot down and putting weight on it. We tried to keep ice on it, but of course that did not work. So after Nicholas got out of the chamber, we got him dressed and I took him to the Emergency Room – just to make sure his ankle wasn’t broken. He fell earlier Monday, but it was HOURS before he started the band-aids/boo-boo/limping, so I’m not entirely sure if that’s what happened or what.
So, we get to the emergency room – and got through triage with relatively no issues. There was a huge fish tank in the waiting room and nicholas was having the time of his life pointing at all of the fishies. He was counting them, giggling, poking at the glass, having a grand old time. He noticed there was a baseball game on the tv there and told me all about it. He walked over to the payphone and pretended to call Daddy and tell him that he was watching fishies swim and baseball on tv. Then he said bye daddy and hung up.
We got settled into a room and I put on Nicholas’s bear DVD. He was quite good and made himself comfortable on the chairs there. The nurse came in and Nicholas told him right away that he was watching bear. Then the dr came in and examined his feet/ankles. Nicholas did very well through it all. A little while later, two really nice technicians came to get us to take some x-rays. I couldn’t believe this, but Nicholas was such a trooper! He laid on the table, really still so they could take the x-rays. On our way back, I grabbed a blanket so Nicholas could settle into the bed, which he happily did with his juice, bear and blanket. The doctor came back in to let us know that everything looked fine and it was probably just bruised. So we were discharged and had to stop by and say goodbye to the fishies. While we were waiting intially, Nicholas was doing his fake sneeze, ha-choo thing. The security guard tried to get him to do it again because she had been watching him earlier. Ha=choo mommy… tissue please?? Nicholas was so alert tonight, so focused, so attentive and talkative – was just after him doing 1 1/2 hours hbot.
Two and a half hours later we’ve got one tired (and proud) mommy and one little trooper asleep on the couch!

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  1. helaina says:

    Wow, he sounds like he’s doing great!

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