… Hide and Go Seek Mommy

Today was a great day. Nicholas surprised me with some new things and I’m just so amazed by him today. We’re in the midst of chelation round #11 and with each weekend that we chelate, he is just getting better and better.

Earlier tonight, Nicholas went into the kitchen and leaned up against the wall, covered his eyes and started counting. I jumped up and said Nicholas are you playing hide and seek? He said yes. I said okay, count again and mommy will go hide. 1 2 3 4 Hide and Go Seek Mommy…. I ran downstairs and jumped in the chamber. I figured he’d lose interest and I’d be lying in there for a while. Nope, he ran around the house looking for me. When he found me. I was beyond shocked. Then about an hour later, I covered my eyes and started counting and he ran and hid. When Daddy got home I told him to cover his eyes and just count. Nicholas went to go hide – 3 rounds of hide and go seek. Wow. So shocking – and oh so wonderful.

Grandma and Nicholas were playing with playdoh and Grandma tried to help nicholas with something. He told her that he wanted to do it. Both of us were floored.

Went to Target today – walked around aimlessly for what seemed like HOURS. No tantrum, no craziness, nothing. He was a perfectly behaved child.

There was one other thing which surprised us – can’t remember at the moment – will update tomorrow when it hits me.

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  1. rlneub says:

    Just found your site. Have not read much other than this first post but i am glad he is doing do good.

    Off to read

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