Red Rash

After Nicholas got out of the chamber last night, and Daddy was changing him for bed, his stomach was all broken out in a red rash. When I came to look, his back also started looking the same. He had gotten into a bag of Cherrios-mix (kinda like Chex mix) and there’s peanut dust in there. So, I’m trying to figure out if the rash is:
1) Some kind of virus working it’s way out since we’ve been in the chamber quite a bit and I’ve been attacking yeast with alot of GSE
2) Yeast working it’s way out
3) A reaction to peanuts which I am not entire sure if he had or didn’t actually have
4) Someone at school came down with the chicken pox – Nicholas is outside the incubation period by several days and I’ve been keeping my eyes on him (and hoping we would just get this over with)
5) Detox rash (added 12/16) Рsometimes when our kids detox, they can detox through the skin. The mercury coming out through the skin, in my understanding means that the liver and kidneys are congested. The liver and kidneys are the main filtration organs in the body. So as you detox, if the liver and kidneys are filtering at maximum capacity, the excess will come out through the skin as rashes or the lungs as cold/flu symptoms. So to help get rid of the rashes, you need to make sure the liver/kidneys are supported. I use BioRay’s Liver Life which helps to decongest the liver/kidneys, restore the pH, normalize liver enzymes, balance Phase I & II detox pathways and rejuvenate the liver cells. (Thanks to Tami at BioRay for that explanation)

We kept him up for a while and he seemed okay. Stomach seemed a little itchy, but he only scratched it here and there. I waited up 2 hours and had also given him benedryl and kept checking on him and he was okay. No problem breathing, etc. If I wasn’t coming down with something, I would have slept in his bed with him.

He’s still sleeping, so I have to report back and see if he still has the rash or if there is any change in his behavior today.

Rash is going away. Still there, but faint.

Things to note: We just tried to wake him up to get him on the school bus (they start earlier this week) – and we could not get him up and out of the house. He did get up though and he wanted to put his pajama top back on. When Daddy went out to tell the bus he wasn’t riding today, Nicholas put the shirt back on. This is the first time he put a shirt on without assistance. He had the head and body reversed, so he had to take it off and put it back on the right way, but this was certainly impressive.
He just came down and jumped on the couch and said “hi Max” to our dog who was lying on the floor in the livingroom. Nicholas has gone through spurts of paying attention to him and not – so I was surprised to see him say hi to him.

Rash is almost gone now.

Update 11/25 – Rash was gone earlier tonight before Daddy and Nicholas did a 3 hour hbot dive. Rash is back, so hbot has got to be helping with a virus or something that’s dying off. It wasn’t the peanuts afterall.

Update 11/26 – Rash has gone away a bit but is still there. Daddy and Nicholas are diving now, so we’ll see if it gets worse afterward or not.

Update 12/16 – Rash is completely gone. I added an additional dropperful of Liverlife and that seemed to have done the trick. (Now he’s up to the full liverlife dose of 4 dropperfuls a day) I also added back his glutathione lotion a few days later.

Update 12/26 – Removed Glutathione lotion several days ago – it was making him nuts. When I stopped it, he went back to normal.

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  1. rlneub says:

    Rash getting worse with HBOT is almost always allergy related.

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