What is “Recovery”?

There seems to be alot of debate going around lately as to what the term “recovery” means when it is applied to autism. So, I’m sharing my definition… what the word “recovery” means to me.

Many parents are considering their children “Recovered” while still maintaining a full regiment of supplements, a special diet, hbot therapy, etc. In my opinion, and my opinion only, this is not my definition of recovery.

If you get hit by a bus tomorrow, you are not yet recovered if you were still hobbling around on crutches. With autism, the diets, supplements and various therapies are the crutches that allow our children to function, live and learn while the underlying wound heals. Whether that underlying wound is heavy metal poisoning, viruses, yeast, parasites, bacteria, lyme disease, or anything else, it doesn’t matter. These issues must be resolved in order for the crutches to no longer be necessary.

Again, these are my definitions – just my opinion.

Recovery – No longer meets the criteria for ASD and is indistinguishable from his/her peers while not being on a special diet, a huge amount of supplements, no ABA, no HBOT, nothing.

Managed Recovery – No longer meets the criteria for ASD and is indistinguishable from his/her peers but is working towards recovery and still has diet, supplements and therapies present supporting the child.

Cure – this term isn’t appropriate to me. It somehow invalidates everything we have gone through to heal our children. There is no magic cure for autism, but recovery, no matter what your definition, is possible.

For anyone who has gotten their child(ren) to the point of managed recovery, I think that’s awesome. And being in managed recovery until the underlying issues are dealt with that leads to recovery is pretty awesome too. And for those who can only bring their child to the point of managed recovery, it’s still a really incredible place to be. Some heart patients need pacemakers, diabetics need insulin. Some formerly autistic children are going to need special vitamins and diets.

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2 Responses to “What is “Recovery”?”

  1. debinIL says:

    I was just talking w/my husband 2 days ago – he’s “managed” now, but I want him healed. I’m searching for someone who can get him beyond his sensitivities to “normal”. Although, living this way is a lot healthier – no fast food, no refined sugar…

  2. Mom says:

    I have no plans on stopping until we get to healed either. No kidding. The more I read about processed food, it makes me want to live on a farm and grow my own food.

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