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Nicholas has been doing really well the past several days. He has replaced “uh-huh” with “sure” – which is very cute. He has been saying “that’s better” when finishing something that was missing a piece. When daddy came home the other day, he addressed him by name (we cracked up) instead of saying Hi daddy.
Today, I started cleaning out my closet – and he hung out with me for a few hours – just talking to me while I was working, asking me what I was doing – no TV or DVD in sight. Then he was watching Daddy play his Star Wars Wii game.
Over the past few days, he was content just sitting and watching a movie with us – not any of his shows, movies for us.
His receptive language has gotten much better.
His obsession with playing in the sink has greatly reduced to once a day, if that. (Evidence that there is a god. 🙂 )
He called Grandpa yesterday, asked him what he was doing and then told him he was helping mommy with the garbage.
He wants to know what everything is. “What’s this?” “what’s that?” and when I label the item, he repeats the word.
He wants to know what I am doing all the time – “Mommy, what are you doing?” – and then will want to help me do whatever it is I am doing.
His asking for a new diaper is getting more consistent. I really wanted to work on potty training during this holiday break, but I just never got to it.
Having little conversations consisting of “hi, how are you?” “I’m good”
Starting to answer “what’s your name?” with “my name is nicholas”
When playing with his new kitchen, he tells me it’s lunchtime and he’s making lunch.

I’ll update this post as I remember more.

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  1. debinIL says:

    That’s terrific!
    By the way, I’m doing well on 600 mg 2x/day enhansa, keeping Nate at 300mg 2x/day. I added ALA to myself and my Chinese Doctor added some herbs to help me focus, get motivated and IT’S WORKING! I got a lot of work done today. I wish I had this dedication at the beginning of my vacation. Oh, well. My work will be happy with a new me.

  2. maya says:

    This is awesome… Nicholoas is doing so great. Reading this post, I want to suggest a new name for your website, you should now called it “” .

    Nicholas’s story gives me so much hope. I just cant wait for my lil one to utter his first word. Oflate things are not so great at our end. My son has regressed in terms of focus and eyecontact and his hand flapping has super increased. We are fighting yeast with Candex and GSE but dont knwo how effective it is.

    I am planning to call you for sure tomorrow.

  3. Mom says:

    Maya – you are too sweet – but we’re not there yet. 🙂
    He’ll talk – we were there once too – and now it’s like a faint memory. Try Candidase – 3 candidase to 1 Candex – seems to work pretty well. You may have to go at it with bigger guns though – diflucan, nizoral, nystatin, saccharomyces boullardii – or even enhansa. Add biotin if you haven’t already – that helps keep the yeast from being able to invade the tissues. Have you looked into Threelac? That did wonders for us initially with yeast.

  4. Mom says:

    Deb – I am so jealous – you actually got stuff done!!!!! I’m going to try the enhansa – I also read about vinpocetine helping people focus too, so I am going to try that as well. We shall see how it goes. How do you like the Chinese herbs? Been thinking about that as well…

  5. debinIL says:

    The Chinese herbs are working for me for focus and motivation. I can’t tell you the names because they’re mostly in chinese on the bottle with the name of the root on it. Nothing wierd like palpatations or irritability, so i’m guessing they’re safe. (lol, i check more for my kid than me). I still have my own yeast problem which I’m mostly SCD right now with cheats (soy in my coffee, BBQ sauce on my meat), taking mega probiotics and candidase at night and am. Maybe I should go to zero carbs for a couple days, or fast. I’m ready for drastic measures to bring on the death of this pest.

  6. maya says:

    Hi Michelle
    It was great talking to you on the phone. It didnt feel like I was talking to you for the first time. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for all the leads and recos. Can you send me that Dr’s contact info?
    I am sorry I didnt write back to you earlier as we are fighting a bad staph infection – talk about progress ! 🙁
    Take care and love to Nicholas !

  7. Mom says:

    Maya, it was great talking to you too!! I told my husband the same thing about you – and said that if we lived anywhere remotely close to each other that we would probably be great friends! 🙂 Not like the distance needs to stand in our way for that!
    I saw what you wrote about the infection – ouch – I hope you can clear that up soon! your poor little guy!

  8. Mom says:

    Deb – let me know how that goes – yeah, lol, I know just what you mean! Yeast is quite the beast, isn’t it!

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