Things that just did not work

So, of course, there were things along the way that did not work for us for one reason or another – and I am going to record them all here – I’ve written about many of them throughout the blog, but in case you miss them, they’re listed here – and I will also list the reasons as to why. Please, oh please, do not decide not to try something just because I have mentioned it here. If you think something might work, TRY IT. Perhaps the reasons these things did not work because my son’s body just wasn’t ready for them – and maybe they’d work for him sometime in the future or maybe these are just things which he does not need.

– Kirkman’s Yeast Aid: The taste of this was the main reason I discontinued this supplement – Nicholas drinks some pretty nasty supplement cocktails, but this one just did not work for us.
– Kirkman’s DRN Formula: The taste was one of the reasons I discontinued this supplement. The other was that the Brainchild formulas were clearly working better for Nicholas, so I switched back. (DRN was suggested by our dr’s office – I would have never switched otherwise) PS – I know lots of people having fantastic results with this.
– Brainchild’s Yeast Program – This did not work for Nicholas – it really did not do anything to impact his yeast. Also, with our experience and everything I have read, I do not agree with rotating of anti-fungals every so many days. That’s a great way for the yeast to build resistance with exactly what you are trying to get rid of them with. Pick an anti-fungal and use it until it no longer works, then pick something else and try that.
– Glutathione Lotion – This made Nicholas an absolute raving maniac. I used it for a while on and off when we started hbot. His gains overshadowed the crazy from adding this. Then when I reintroduced at a later date, I could easily see how it was effecting him. (Give this a fair try before you dismiss it though, as it could prove to be beneficial)
– Capsule based Grapefruit Seed Extract did nothing in comparison to the liquid drops.
– Micellized Vitamin A – our kids should not be taking this version of A on a daily basis. Jepson and Megson both write about this. Our kids need Vitamin A from natural sources, not synthetic. (If you are doing high-dose vit A protocol, then you need to use this because you really dont have a choice) – Try for their high vitamin CLO instead.
– IP6 – Inositol Hexaphosphate – I tried this because I believed Nicholas could have had an iron-overload. Had that been the case, we probably would have seen improvement with this supplement, but it did nothing, so I discontinued. (I would be careful with this one, it can chelate iron and other minerals – so don’t just try this on a whim)
– Compounded L-Theanine: This was a waste of $150. I saw no improvement in Nicholas – – and yet, a bottle of L-Theanine for around $20 worked so much better.
– Numbing Cream for Mb-12 shots: This never worked for us. They don’t tell you until after you buy it that it does not work for all kids. Not to mention that you need to possibly disrupt your child’s sleep TWICE – once to put on the cream and then the 2nd time to give the shot. The element of surprise worked much better for us. Once and you’re done. (The Mb-12 shot feels like a mosquito bite, by the way)
– Brainchild Intestimend: I tried this, finished the whole bottle and did not see any improvement, over the couple of months that we used it, so I did not re-order.
– Kirkman Pro Bio Defense: This brought out OCD in my son, so we discontinued.
– Iron – Nicholas only gets iron supplementation when truly warranted by bloodwork – as should all ASD kids.
– Olive Leaf Extract: The liquid version of this stuff tastes like liquid swamp. Not even grape juice can cover it up.
– Saccharomyces Boullardii – I still give from time to time, but I seriously do not see any gains from it.
– Custom Probiotics – CP1: Didn’t see anything from these at all, so I discontinued. Shame since I hear raves from other parents all the time.
– Lumina Health’s Cell Food: This has questionable ingredients. You can search this blog for more information as to why I discontinued it.
– Kirkmab CoQ10: Didn’t see any gains from this — I wonder if I hadn’t gone high enough on the dose. I may try this again in the future.
– Folapro – made nicholas nuts so I went back to the Folinic Acid. I may try the Methyl Folate from ProThera and see if he responds differently.
– Candex – I never saw that this helped with Nicholas’s yeast issues.
– Capryllic Acid – Never saw this help with his yeast too much either.
– Epicor – I couldn’t get him to drink his stuff with this in it.
– NDF+: It’s not that it didn’t work – I purchased this a while ago and have decided that I will continue on our chelation path as is. I have read way too many stories of regression or wonderful progress followed by regression – that it’s a little scary. So, I’m putting this one aside.

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2 Responses to “Things that just did not work”

  1. debinIL says:

    All the money we’ve spent on the hit-or-miss. I’m ashamed at the stuff we don’t use/doesn’t work. There needs to be more trial sizes.

  2. Mom says:

    Isn’t that the truth. Sad thing is, my list isn’t even all the stuff I have forgotten about!

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