Added Phosphatidyl Serine today

I added Phosphatidyl Serine today from Pro Thera. Today, I gave 1 softgel and if all goes well, I will see how 2 goes tomorrow. This doesn’t seem to have a pleasant taste, so mixing it in with his fish oils is probably a good idea.

This is the one I bought:
ProThera Phosphatidyl Serine

FYI: This does not mix well — it is thick and sticks to the sides of the bottle that I am putting everything in to mix up. That said, I shake the life out of it and alot does blend in – so when he’s done with one batch of juice, I shake it up again and he seems to get almost all of it. Also, the caps are not the easiest to get anything out of. I have to saw them open and scoop out the stuff.

I will come back and post some info on this supplement when I have a spare moment.

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