Change is in the air…

Nicholas was sick last week, but was much better so we went ahead and chelated this weekend. I cannot believe the language coming out of him — the complete (and correct!) sentences are flooring us. We’re in the middle of round 20.

Earlier today, his grandmother went upstairs to get a toy for him – and he called up the stairs, “Grandma, what are you doing upstairs? Come down please”

and this is only one example of many!

If you ask him a question, he will respond with “yes, mommy…..” and then go on to confirm the question. So now I know that he knows what he is saying and it’s not just a programmed response.

If he does not want to do something, he will now answer “no,……” and go into what he wants to do instead.

Nicholas got the bicycle tv game which comes with all kinds of games that they have to pedal the bicycle to do. When he got it, he wasn’t ready for it – so we had packed it away. We pulled it out this weekend — and wow — he’s playing these games! He’s pedaling the bike! He’s playing video games. He was so thrilled with playing this last night, I snuck away and watched an entire movie by myself in peace!!!!!!! We had to unplug the TV to get him to bed, but I was just so proud seeing him use the pedals and joystick to play the games. And no one showed him how to play. My husband thought I did and I thought he did, but he did not need much help with it at all.

His sink play has changed. (Thank goodness!) He has been obsessed with the sink on and off and has been wanting to just let the water run and run and run. This past week, this has ceased and he is having some really meaningful play at the sink (and the best part it is – the water is not constantly running!)

He is suddenly interested in more food. Last week, I made kielbasa for daddy and myself. Nicholas took his fork, grabbed a big un-cut hunk of kielbasa and started eating it. Not thinking it would last long, I let him do it just to see what was going to happen. He ate about an inch of it – happily – telling me it was delicious the whole time! (Nicholas knows delicious and disgusting and uses these words all the time)

He asked me to make pancakes this morning, which I happily obliged. He actually ate some. I was shocked to say the least.

More to come as I remember….

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  1. maya says:

    Wow! This is great progress! Way to go !

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