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How Important is Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth?

Ian’s Voice

I cannot even begin to think about how these parents even managed to live through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. Ian is an angel keeping guard over his little brother, Vance. Words cannot even begin to convey the distraught I feel over a life of a child taken from his loving family too soon. These parents are true warriors and I am so thankful for parents like these who come forward and share their child’s story.

We live in a world where there is a label on a package of cigarettes warning us of the danger of smoking – but nurses in hospitals are quick to inject an hour old baby with a vaccine – never sharing any information with you regarding that vaccine prior to the injection. As always, one side of the story is provided to you. Your child needs this and that’s it. A vaccine for a disease spread through sex or IV drug use. Neither activity a baby this young will be taking any part of. But yet your child “needs” this. Provided the mother is not Hep B positive, there is absolutely no reason a healthy child should get a vaccination for hepatitis B at birth.

And for the parents who wish to decline this vaccination – they need to be vigilant to never let their baby leave their sight while in the hospital because in many cases nurses just complete their normal routine including vaccinating and could mistakenly vaccinate your baby anyway against your wishes and your rights.

I often wonder how the professionals who continue to tow this party line sleep at night. Do they ever wonder how many children their hands have had a hand in harming? Do they even care? Have they ever stepped back and said, “woah, we’re vaccinating a just-born infant for a disease transmitted through sex and IV drug use?”

Why is it so hard for parents to understand that simple logic has not been applied when the vaccination schedule was updated to add this vaccine in the first place? Greed and profit has taken over the vaccine program. A vaccine like this given to a newborn is proof.

Why is it so hard for parents to see that doctors and medical staff don’t know everything and the white coats and nurses uniforms do not signify a god-like status of knowing everything? In this case, they vaccinated a sick child, which by the way is very common amongst autistic children. These professionals, along with countless others, did not even read the instructions given on the vaccine insert before injecting their baby. Doesn’t anyone ever ask WHY this is? Do they feel that they don’t need to? or don’t care to? or have they just been trained to just do it and not ask questions?

The time has come for all parents to ask questions until they are answered. With REAL answers. We all need to demand a safer vaccination schedule for our children. Turning back the clock to the 1983 schedule and going from there would be a good start.
1983 Vaccination Schedule

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