High dose Vitamin A Protocol

Taking a weekend off from chelation to do the High Dose Vitamin A Protocol. Nicholas’s measles, mumps and rubella titers were extremely high (yeah, big surprise), so we’re giving this a shot to see if it makes an difference in him.

Today he got 400,000IU Klaire’s Micellized Vitamin A and will get another 400,000IU tomorrow with a daily dose around 25,000IU thereafter.

I’m not starting or stopping anything else so we can truly see if it makes a difference — I certainly hope so.

March 30, 2009 – Well, it didn’t take long to see that this truly made a difference in Nicholas. It did and the higher dose of Vitamin A has been really good for him. He’s more alert, more with us, noticing more things around him that he would have never noticed before. We will repeat this protocol in 6 months and will also be pursuing other anti-virals shortly.

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2 Responses to “High dose Vitamin A Protocol”

  1. maya says:

    What does tites mean ? How do you know titers are high?
    How do you calculate the doage of the Vit. A ? And how long do you give the daily dose for? is the daily dose CLO or Klaire’s Vit A.

  2. Mom says:

    Just like you would run the IgG tests for food allergens, we ran them for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. All were through the roof and many times the top of the range.

    You can read about the high dose vitamin A protocol in “Children with Starving Brains” – pretty much is 400,000IU Mycellized Vitamin A for 2 days – then 10,000-25,000IU per day thereafter. This can be done every 6 months. As long as the daily dose is the right amount for your child (depending on weight I would imagine) I would not think it mattered if it came from the klaire’s or the CLO. (There’s no way you could give 400,000IU of A from CLO.)

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