Current Master Supplement Listing: March 2009

Note: For info on these supplements including where to buy them, visit my Supplement Directory page.

Changes since the last update are:

  • increased Nordic Naturals Omega 369
  • stopped ubiquinol – capsules were too much of a pain to open, looking for CoQ10 replacement
  • switched from Brainchild to Klaire’s Vitaspectrum – which is a HUGE cost savings
  • Vitamins & Minerals
    Klaire VitaSpectrum – 7 Capsules per day
    MB-12 Injections
    Kirkman’s Buffered Vitamin C – 1/8 teaspoon 4x per day
    Carlson Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – 2000 IU
    Vitamin World Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol plus d-Beta, d-Gamma, d-Delta tocopherols – 800 IU
    Kirkman Biomax Zinc– 20mg – 3 capsules/day
    Inositol Powder from Kirkman – 3 scoops/day = 1.5 grams
    Biotin – 10mg given 4 times/day = 40mg

    Omega Fish Oil / Cod Liver Oil / Essential Oils & Fatty Acids
    Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 Liquid – 4 teaspoons
    Green Pastures Blue Ice High Vitamin CLO – 1 teaspoon
    Evening Primrose Oil – 2 capsules = 1000mg (includes 90mg GLA)

    Culturelle 2 capsules per day
    Living Streams Probiotic 8 drops 2x per day

    Amino Acids
    Kirkman DMG (125mg) with Folic Acid (400mcg) and B-12 (6 mcg) – 9 Capsules per day split in 3 doses
    Kirkman GABA – 250mg – 3 capsules/day
    L-Theanine (Suntheanine) from Nutricology- 100mg capsules – 1 capsule 3x per day
    Custom Blend from Metabolic Maintenance
    ProThera Acetyl-L-Carnitine1500mg per day

    Anti-fungals & Anti-bacterials, yeast-fighting, etc.
    Enhansa from Lee Silsby75mg per day — give No-Fenol with Enhansa if child has phenol issues (red cheeks/ears)

    Kirkman Enzym-Complete/DPP-IVV – 1 capsule per meal
    Houston Nutraceuticals No Phenol – as needed for phenol effects
    Houston Nutraceuticals Peptizyde – (as needed)
    Houston Nutraceuticals Zyme Prime– (as needed)

    For the liver
    Liver life (1 dropperful 4x per day)
    Milk Thistle Extract (5 drops 3x/day)

    For constipation
    Oxypowder(to keep his bowels moving) – only as needed (this stuff is fantastic!) – just a sprinkle here and there (haven’t needed this since we started chelation)

    Vinpocetine10mg 3 times per day
    Creatine625mg per day
    4Life Transfer Factor Classic – 200mg – 1 capsule 3x per day (will soon be trying a higher dose on this as well)
    Georges Always Active 100% Aloe Vera – 1 tablespoon per day (working up to 2)
    Omega-3 Glucosamine (with Condroitin) – 1 capsule per day: 500mg Glucosamine & 33.3mg Condroitin

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    13 Responses to “Current Master Supplement Listing: March 2009”

    1. summermh says:

      Why the Vita-Spectrum capsules instead of the powder? Just curious 🙂 We have been using Brainchild for 2+ years now, and I would love to save money, but also want to be certain we’re getting similar benefits. I haven’t compared the labels yet. Thanks!


    2. summermh says:

      just one more question — will you give an update on how you get all these in? what do you mix them with, etc…? thanks!


    3. Mom says:

      I went with the VitaSpectrum Capsules instead of the powder to make things easier. Also, I tried the capsules to see if they dissolved in water and it worked just great (some had reported it was chalky – I found it was not chalky at all) – the powder version does have more calcium than the capsules – I will try the powder version in the future the next time I order.

    4. Mom says:

      Honestly, I got tired of spending over a $100 bucks a month on a multi vitamin/mineral. With all of my son’s other supplements, we just don’t have that kind of money anymore.
      If I had seen any change in my son from the switch, I would have gone back to brainchild, but it’s been almost 2 months and I have not. I did add some additional b-12 in since it was higher in the brainchild – but since my son is on daily mb-12 shots, I’m not sure that was even necessary.

    5. Mom says:

      I mix them with water and pear juice. The taste difference from the brainchild to the vitaspectrum was completely obvious by the way my son started sucking everything down. I taste everything I add into his mix – that way I know what I have to start slow (based on taste) and what I can just add right in.

    6. summermh says:

      regarding your CoQ10 note — we use Metagenics NanoCell-Q, which our DAN started us on, but now I order it from It’s liquid, orange-flavored, and mixes in just fine, Ethan will drink it straight. here’s a link…™-Metagenics

    7. Mom says:

      Thanks a bunch… will have to look into this one more. Not sure if I can do it because of the fructose though — but thanks!

    8. Summer says:

      Michelle, can you help me understand the benefits of dosing both CLO and Omega 3-6-9? Also, have you considered Nordic Natural’s CLO with added Vitamin D (1,000 IU), and if so you must feel the Carlson’s Vitamin D is a better choice?


    9. Summer says:

      Michelle, just read the study on Nordic Natural’s site regarding Omega 3-6-9…. enough said! Just placed an order!


    10. Mom says:

      Originally, I started with the Nordic Naturals stawberry kids CLO and when he did well on that, I switched to the NN Complete Omega 369 and have used this ever since because we’ve seen good results with it.
      Then, I added the High Vitamin CLO from Green Pasture because the A is natural and not synthetic, like the mycellized A’s are. So, in adding the CLO, I was able to reduce the amount of NN 369. The only reason I am giving Nicholas additional A (in the mycellized form) is because we are doing the high dose Vitamin A protocol. So he gets one drop of the mycellized A on top of one tsp of the High Dose CLO.

      I did look into the CLO with D, but ratio of DHA/EPA are reversed in what Nicholas gets. That one has higher DHA over EPA and the Complete has Higher EPA over DHA.
      Next time around, I may try either the Ultimate Omega or the Arctic D-CLO and see how that goes. (A while back, I ran out of the NN Complete 369 and could not find anyone with it in stock, so while I was waiting for it to arrive, I tried one with the opposite epa/dha ratio and Nicholas didn’t do as well on that. I do think that as things change, we have to try new supplements and see if there isn’t something that would work better, which is why I’ll order something different for next time and see what happens.)
      I hope that helps!!

    11. Mom says:

      It’s good stuff. 🙂 Let me know how it works out!!

    12. valicea1977 says:

      Hi Michelle!
      Can you help me to understand here what should be the best type of Enzymes for my little one? My son is allergic to Dairy & Soy [and I will say to any grain protein in general]…..If he eats too much garbanzos or quinoa he gets the same type of rash like he does get with soy it’s horrible!.. this rash more type of pimple leaves marks on his skin!…..
      Even tho he is on GF/CF/SF diet and not allergic to Wheat/gluten I would like him to eat gluten again [since he doesn’t get any rash or any kind of issues with it]….but I do think he needs enzymes, Would you help me to think which kind would be safe & the best for him…..sorry to bother I know you have you own things to worry……just let me know when ever you have a change!..
      Take care and keep up the Good WORK!
      mom to Eleazar [3 1/2 yrs old – ASD]

    13. Mom says:

      Vanessa, Are you absolutely sure he doesn’t have an allergy to gluten??
      I like the enzymes from Houston’s Enzymes and also from enzymedica. If you call Houston’s – they are great and can answer any questions you might have. I know they also have web-casts from time to time as well, so you can look into one of those. Both Houston and Enzymedica will send you samples as well. You can email Alessanra from Enzymedica as well: milagros205 at yahoo

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