Autism & Toxins, Jay Gordon, M.D.

Great piece by Dr Jay Gordon. Thank you for everything you do, Dr Jay.

Autism & Toxins, Jay Gordon, M.D.

Dr. Karp, if you are going to talk and blog about kitchen cleaners, furniture polish, pesticides and other toxins, how can you possibly ignore the 30-40 injections of potentially risky material we give children in their first 24 months of life? There is absolutely no proof that these shots are as safe the makers say they are and certainly no proof that new combinations of vaccines and hastily created shots are safe enough for our children.

This is exactly the point. And it’s always amazing to me how these doctors talk about how the toxins in our environment are harmful but when they’re injected directly into our child’s body bypassing any methods of defense – they are perfectly okay?


Dr. Karp and the whiney doctor from “The Doctors” show on TV both seem to need an injection of common sense. Don’t worry, it’ll be thimerosal free.

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