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PBS Show on Vaccines Omitted the Interviews of Dr. Jay Gordon & Dr. Robert Sears

I am so very thankful for doctors like these who are willing to stand up for what they believe in. Vaccines are harming our children. Wake up people, before it happens to your child! PBS Frontline on Autism Resorts to Pseudo-Documentary, Tabloid Journalism Dr. Jay Gordon April 28, 2010 Tonight PBS aired a show […]

Autism & Toxins, Jay Gordon, M.D.

Great piece by Dr Jay Gordon. Thank you for everything you do, Dr Jay. Autism & Toxins, Jay Gordon, M.D. Dr. Karp, if you are going to talk and blog about kitchen cleaners, furniture polish, pesticides and other toxins, how can you possibly ignore the 30-40 injections of potentially risky material we give children in […]

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