We truly now know the value of Culturelle

I love Culturelle, always have. Nicholas has been on it from the very beginning. It’s been pretty much one of very few supplements that I never changed brands, looked to remove from his regiment, etc. In December, I ran out of it and figured he could go a little while without it until I started placing supplement orders in January. That proved to be very wrong and a huge mistake.

We started seeing a version of Nicholas we had not seen in over a year. Flat out defiance, massive temper tantrums, crying at the drop of a hat – and as if that wasn’t bad enough, his obession with water came back.

Not being a very happy camper with this new improved version of a defiant, temper-tantruming, obessed with water child – I went through my supplement list. What did I change? Did I add anything new? Did I forget about something? At first, I thought it was the methyl-folate I had started giving him (I had since stopped thinking this could be it – it was not) – then it hit me – could this be bacterial? After all, I had run our of his Culturelle. Could it be that easy though? And why would bacteria cause him to be obsessed with playing with water? Previously, when he had the water addiction, inositol stopped that – and I had removed it quite some time ago.

So, I reordered the Culturelle and got him back on it immediately. I also added Physician’s Strength Wild Oil of Oregano, 2 capsules twice a day – not given near probiotics. And after a few days, Nicholas is back. The obessive water play is gone. The massive tantruming is gone. The defiance is gone.

The people in our lives that witnessed this are absolutely astonished that a bacterial overgrowth/infection could make a child act this way. If they can see this happen to a child and also see it rectified with the appropriate supplements/medication/whatever, why is it so hard for the medical establishment, which is failing our children, to simply do their jobs?

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