Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: fastest progress we’ve seen

Thank you, M, for sending me your story to share on my blog. I look forward to hearing about your continued success!!

Last January my 3y/o daughter was pretty much nonverbal. we had PE tubes placed in her ears for HBOT and the day of her surgery she labeled an ‘apple’ and a ‘banana.’ She had a few words but they were very inconsistent. By the time we started with Pierre Fontaine at the very end of June she could spontaneously comment “all done” and she could say “b’bye” sometimes unprompted but usually prompted. There were some other very inconsistent words here and there and I think she really was trying to say things here and there but her articulation was so bad that you really couldn’t decipher what she was saying or trying to say. Three days after starting her remedy, I was playing frisbee with our dog. The dog came running back without the frisbee. So, I started asking “where is it? Where is it?” My daughter, who was playing in her kiddie pool at the time yelled “THERE IT IS!!” clear as a bell. It was so shocking our para lost her balance and fell in the inground pool and my mouth was haning open. An hour later our para was leaving and asked her for a hug. She gave the para a hug, looked at her said “thank you, bye bye” then looked at me and said “I’m all done!”

Two days later I picked her up from school and she gave me a hug and said ” Hi! I painted!” Sure enough she was covered in paint.

I wish I could tell you that this has been consistent. It hasn’t at all. But in the 8 weeks that we’ve been doing homeopathy, she is much more verbal, she has more words. Primarily, right now most of her language is prompted, echolalic or scripted. She is also singing whole entire songs and not just filling in a word here or there when we sing and stop to let her fill it in like we used to. She sings twinkle twinkle, row row row your boat, wheels on the bus, elmo’s song, Sing, pretty much start to finish and you can understand it. Going from “b’bye” and “all done” to what we have now seems amazing to me. Sure, she has a long way to go, but this was the fastest progress we’ve seen. Additionally, she has been happier, initiating play with the other kids at school daily, she started kicking a ball, alternating feet walking on the stairs (she now does that backwards, too), her eye contact is better and we have pretend play. Yesterday she caught a ball twice and now likes to hold your hands and dance with you. We had to take her to the ENT to get her tubes checked two days ago. This usually entails holding her down while she shrieks like a wild animal being tortured and killed. Well, this time she just sat on my lap and let him look in each ear and then clapped and said “yay” after he was done looking in each ear. On the way out she said, “Thank you, b’bye”–the doctor was pretty floored. Prior to the exam she had been playing very appropriately with a toy stethescope and a doll. I think I’m leaving some stuff out, but you get the idea. We have had a couple of blips, it’s not totally smooth sailing, but even during the blips, she has not lost any of her gains.

Prior to homeopathy we did 127 hours of mHBOT. We also do MB12, oxytocin, antifungals, probiotics, diet, vitamins, bethanechol and carnitine. We’ve been doing all of those for a long time. We never chelated. We clearly still have a long ways to go. She needs to learn to initiate using language, learn to converse etc… but we’ve come a long way, too, and I’m very optimistic.

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