Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: Not as strict on diet after 5 weeks!

Here is an update from J regarding her son. At the time of her update, her son had been on his homeopathic remedy for 5 weeks. Thanks J for letting me share this on my blog!

We are seeing alot of things that are new that we like. I have noticed that when you joke with him now he “gets it” before if we tried to joke around with him he would get mad at us thinking we were making fun of him so we stopped…until now. I also see that if he does something wrong and we are talking with him about it he will look at us, hear us, and then apologize without us having to tell him to. When someone talks to him in public now he responds to them istead of running away or me telling him say hi or tell them how old you are….makes conversation with them. The good behavior good color calm kid you get when you do the MB12 shots is pretty much there the whole time now. Not every 3 or 4 days then gone but there the whole time..the gains we got when we started have not gone away.

I know we have more work to do. We have alot more issues to work through but we just started. I fully expect to have him completely better by the time we are finished with this but dont expect it to be an overnight thing. It doesnt seem like the tug of war you get with biomed where you gain you lose you gain you lose..it seems slow and steady I guess for us.things were so hard for so long for all of us that even the smallest thing to us is big..He wants to be a part of life now…my older kids can be around him now and play with him without it ending badly, other moms dont understand how huge it is to see your kid play appropriately with another after so long…another thing is we arent as strict with his diet as we have been before..we are adding new foods all the time that he has not had in awhile with no effects at all. we are still careful but not carrying a foodlist with me everwhere I go now…

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