Why we do what we do…

This is a well-written post by a friend who sums it up perfectly….

We Are Anti-Vaccine Wackos. It’s Just What We Do.

There is a lot of arguing between autism groups. Those who align with the ND side (neuro-diversity) often accuse those on the biomedical side of “hating” our children and refusing to accept them for who they are. Those of us whose children got very sick (physically) after receiving vaccines can be off-putting and may be guilty of the kind of over-zealous fanaticism frequently associated with ex-smokers and “Bible-thumpers.” This post is my attempt to highlight some of the reasons why we do what we do.

There is a multitude of issues regarding vaccines. Probably the biggest issue, as it relates to autism and other neurodevelopmental, immunological, gastrointestinal disorders is the overwhelming number and concentration in the ever-growing childhood schedule.

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