Another Recovery in Progress

I received some amazing news from a friend today about her child’s progress with Pierre Fontaine. With her permission, I have posted her message. Thank you so much, V, for sharing you

Over all good news!, we started our constitutional remedy on October 8th last year! wow more than 4 months!, and I can certainly say that my son never had so many gains in such a short time. Homeopathy ‘fixed’ and is still fixing a lot of things! 🙂 no environmental allergies, no more asthma, no more rashes from food intolerance were the beginning for us, now we have a lot of new things!, his levels of concentration are increasing more and more, focusing!, understanding a lot more language, I see emotion on his face! we get all kind of faces :), he gets thing he never did before! he kiss and hugs his classmates, not afraid of giving ‘hi5’ to his NT classmates, Eli started to use sign language and saying words at the same time like never did before!! [even I’m learning ASL because he speaks more if he uses sign language], his cognitive levels has increase too!, he plays different games on my iphone! and he never cared for this before, he can play table games with 8 typical kids waiting turns and really playing!, following directions wow!!!! and this is not something I only see it, everybody is telling me all these things too and the teachers, therapists all of them confirm this daily. We still have some obsessions over fixing his toys, some days less sensory that others but I only got 3 little ‘2 min’ tantrums in almost 3 months!!!, I am crying while typing all these beautiful things my child does now, is just now that my feeling are coming out, it seems like I am dreaming, we started so far away! with a little 2 yrs old child who would cover his ears and cry all day long 🙁 and now I see a different Eli, a son who kiss me like used to do it before he got his autism, hugs me and enjoys a little better family activities. We still have a long way to go but I see day by day he is doing new things, carrying on his new skills everywhere he goes. he seems stronger now, his immune system is ‘working’ he got the influenza virus and didn’t get asthma, I was in shock! anything triggers asthma and I’m sure you know this! but if he didn’t get it this time, I can truly say that it is gone forever. I found that doing 3 drops with a sip dose ‘formula’ with 6 succusion helps him, Pierre said to continue doing this way. Autism is not gone I know that but wow! what a different child!!!! wishing you all the best!!!! XOXO!!!!

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