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Thank you HBOT

We were very skeptical at trying this, considering the cost, so I really didn’t have high hopes going in.   I honestly did not think we were even going to get him in the chamber or get him to stay in long enough once he was in, but he’s doing beautifully and actually enjoys getting into […]

HBOT hours completed

From mid-May to mid-June, we completed 90 hours of mHBOT.

Last mHBOT day

Today was our last day with our hyperbaric chamber and this completes our first round of 60 dives; 2 dives per day, 1.5 hours per dive (not including compression and decompression) Nicholas continues to blow us away on a daily basis. We have purchased our own chamber, so we will be starting again soon.  I’m […]

14 days of hbot are behind us

We’ve done about 27 dives so far, and will do another dive tonight making it our 28th dive.  We still have 32 more dives to go and we could not be happier with Nicholas’s progress.  Seeing him come so far so fast is like an absolute dream come true. 

HBOT update

Just wanted to post an update before I forget…  Nicholas has continued to improve during his hbot treatments.  He is just so much more aware than he was, it’s amazing to see.  Yesterday, the phone rang and he brought the cordless phone to me – I was shocked – in the past, the phone would […]

We’re MIA – on a spaceship to Mars

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, we’ve spent the last week doing HBOT with Nicholas.  We’ve been doing 1.5 hour dives twice a day – and we’re being optimistic that it’s working because we are already seeing gains.  After one week of HBOT, we are seeing a different child emerge.  Where he used to […]

2nd Attempt

Today, we had to complete 2 dives with Nicholas in order to take the HBOT chamber home with us for 30 days.  Daddy’s been sick, so it was all on Mommy.   Anyway, armed with a DVD player and an assortment of DVD’s, Nicholas did really well in the chamber and even fell asleep.  (It was […]

First HBOT appointment

We went for our first HBOT dive and training today, because we have decided to rent a chamber for a month to see how Nicholas does with it.  Well, after spending over $100 bucks at Toys R Us last night, I was able to get him to get in with me with little problem really.  (SHOCKING, […]

Pre-HBOT ATEC checklist

For our own measurement, I filled out the ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaulation Checklist) form.  Click anywhere on the form to view.


We’ve decided to give HBOT a shot.  We’ve reserved a chamber for May.  Boy, am I hoping to see lots of great gains – and praying for them, everyday.  If you have a minute, please say a prayer that 1) we can get Nicholas into the chamber and 2) it helps him

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