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This past weekend, we saw another set of changes in Nicholas – they seemed to all happen practically overnight.

– He’s now into watching Toot & Puddle and when he asks to watch it – he sings it like the intro to the show.
– He woke me up this morning by knocking on his bedroom door. When I knocked back, he said “come in” He proceeded to come downstairs into the livingroom and hop onto the couch and I headed to the kitchen to make his concoction – he starts talking to me – “mommy, what are you doing?” “Mommy’s making your juice” “Juice please mommy” “Yeah, Nicholas I am working on it.” “Thank you Mommy” A few minutes later, I hand him his stuff to drink. “Thank you mommy” “Get dressed?” “Yeah, let’s get dressed” “Need pants and shirt and socks and shoes” “Yes, let’s go pick some out” He follows me up to his room to get the clothes. We come back downstairs and I told him to get undressed – he did with practically no help. I put his shirt over his head and he did the rest. I put his feet in his pants and he did the rest. The whole time he is telling me about what is on TV. Toot did this, etc. The whole exchange lasted over 30 minutes – I have to admit I felt like I was in the middle of a dream. Nicholas’s speech has really been taking off – but this kind of exchange just was not yet happening.
– He regularly asks, “what are you doing?” and then will join into the activity. He helps clean (see males can actually do it! LOL), he loves to help wash dishes, he helps hang clothes and do laundry, he helps carry stuff (even the heavy stuff I try to have him not do, he does!) and there’s more that I can’t think of at the moment.
– When he gets off the bus, he immediately has to show me what is in his bookbag. He starts telling me about how he painted/colored whatever is in the bag and what colors he used.
– When I ask him what he did at school, he tells me which teacher/aide played with him and what they did.
– This past week, one night, he was really upset – he was yelling at his father. Yelling. All of it completely crystal clear. It was that tantrumy kind of upset yelling, but he told him exactly why he was upset.
– He sat with this therapist for over an hour doing one activity after another – no need for him to get up, play with something else – she was astonished at his speaking.
– He answers yes/no questions extremely well. I have not noticed a gap between me asking and him answering. He’s now answering “yes” questions with “sure”
– He is not interested in having the TV constantly on even if he is not watching it.
– If I ask him if he wants to do something or wants something and the answer is no, he is saying “no thanks mommy”
– If I say Thank You, he says “your welcome”
– He has started to tickle instead of being the one being tickled

Sometimes I look at Nicholas and just get the overwhelming feeling of he’s different again, not anything I can even describe – but when my husband comes in and says things like “he’s different again” – I know I am not imagining things.

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  1. debinIL says:

    This is just terrific! Are any of the therapists/aides asking/knowing about the chelation? I wonder how much of it they’re thinking they are doing. I mean, they’re helping, because they know how to teach…I think you know this isn’t intended to insult anyone.
    Nate is really observing his big brother play video games and is now interested in playing them himself. He has a leapstar keypad and is learning the qwerty keyboard, now he interested in the Thomas game where he follows the arrow to move the trains along the track, pick up loads/passengers, drop them, etc.

    The other day, my husband was typing a letter to the editor (to get our streets plowed/salted better), and he left for a minute, came back and saw “Nate” typed at the end of his last sentence.

  2. Mom says:

    I know your intention is not to insult anyone. No worries from me. 🙂
    No, they dont know about the chelation. After his teacher seeing a dramatic difference in him after a month of hbot, I did share with her that I was treating him for his medical issues which I felt were the root cause of his autism. She knows that I have Nicholas on various supplements and that we’ve been doing hbot, but not about chelation.
    Nicholas is in school for 2.5 hours from Monday through Friday. He gets speech 2x a week for a half hour each time. His ABA therapy has yet to be consistent – I don’t think he’s even had 40 hours since they started months ago to be honest.
    I agree, they are helping because they know how to teach – but if he hadn’t been well enough to learn – what good would any of it have been?

    That is so wonderful about Nate. I have to pull out the leapster again. Nicholas was doing great a while ago with the Dora game, but lost interest in it, so I put it away.
    That is SOOO awesome — he typed his name out. Awesome!! 🙂

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