Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: Potty trained in a week!

Thank you, MS, for sharing your son’s progress with me and allowing me to publish it here!

G’s progress from August 26th….

My son started his remedy on June 13
Gains I saw after first dose: AWARENESS!! Then that one fade… but gave me HOPE!!!!!
After that he went to a movie for first time in his life and saw Toy Story 3 and Despicable me!!
I was trying to potty train him for a long time with not luck.. suddendly in a matter of one week.. DONE…

His BM became much better in consistency.
He learned to swim
He learned to drink from a straw
He weaned for a bottle for the milk
His eye contact is worse than before but now it’s coming back less quantity but more quality (more time conected)
He did this at his therapy… show his therapist that he knows the numbers and letters… Put in order several times the letters and the number CORRECTLY.

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