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We have been doing homeopathy for 7 months now and I have been meaning to write an update, but we have been so busy that it has been very difficult to sit down and actually complete one.

Nicholas continues to do well and has continued to make incredible gains despite us dropping all of his supplements. It has been so nice to be supplement-free and I’m sure Nicholas has appreciated not having to swallow them!

Every week that goes by, we see progress in many different areas. He still has some catching up to do, but we’re seeing him advance further and further. In many areas, he is age appropriate and beyond. Every day, he says things I have never heard him say. Every day, he’ll reference knowledge on a particular subject that we never thought he studied or knew about. He wants to participate in team sports and takes an interest if there are kids playing a sport while we’re at the park or driving past a ball field. He is inquisitive and is retaining the answers we are giving him and continues to build on this knowledge. If we are going somewhere, he asks if there will be kids there for him to play with.

We were recently able to take him on vacation to Disney and he did remarkably well. We ran him ragged from early in the morning to late at night just about every day and he did very well. On the last day of our trip, when we were getting ready to leave for the airport, he said, “I’m not going back to New Jersey, I am already home.” For a child who we could NEVER take to a restaurant not very long ago, we ate out in 3 different restaurants every day and never had a problem. He sat and watched stage shows. He went on rides without hesitation. We went from one ride to another and another and he was happy to do it. He loved watching the fireworks and didn’t complain about the music being too loud. While we were there, we were able to take him to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and he had a blast! He loved being able to trick or treat in Disney World and even got some green vanilla ice cream colored especially for the event! (Food colorings are no longer an issue for him.)

In the past, when I used to think about wanting to go and just pushing through, all I could envision was a child who would have non-stop temper tantrums for one reason or another – because we had to wait to get on a ride, because he wanted to go one way when we needed to go another, because he had to focus on something mundane instead of what was happening around him, etc. In my mind, I could see him getting stuck and riding the same ride over and over and over and over. I could see me having to quickly eat 3 meals because he would be done in 5 minutes and ready to go to the next thing. I would just think about traveling all that way to ride the train and the train only (which we never even rode actually). I would also envision myself enjoying the rides and then looking at my son and seeing him staring at the floor which would only leave me to wonder what we spent all that money for.

But in reality, our trip was a dream come true for us. This is somewhere we never thought we would be able to take him.
We had a wonderful time and were able to live much of it through Nicholas’s eyes. There truly is nothing like seeing your child’s reaction the first time he steps foot into the Magic Kingdom and sees the castle for the first time.

And yes, he has already asked, “When are we going back to Disney?”

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  1. Bringing Emma Back says:


  2. T Critch says:

    Do you think his recovery was due to the homeopathy? Or do you think it was a result of all the other interventions and the homeopathy just pushed him over the finish line? Were there some key things/treatments that Pierre Fonatine did that brought significant improvemnt?

  3. T Critch says:

    Do you know if Pierre Fontaine does phone consults? Specifically to Canada? I have heard many parents say that they have tried biomedical, had results, but not enough. Many say that as they begin homeopathy they are able to reduce or eventually eliminate the vitamins/supplements they had been giving? Was that the case for your son? I am now at the point of spending $600-$700 a month on supplements and I don’t think I will be able to keep it up another year. I have no problem putting out money to help my son, but if results can be achieved more sucessfully and at less of a cost I’m willing to give it a shot.

  4. Mom says:

    Yes, Pierre Fontaine does do phone consults – he actually uses skype (which is free) so he can see anyone from anywhere.
    YES! 🙂 This was the case for my son. We were on $600-700 worth of supplements a month and they are GONE!
    Yes, I think his recovery was due to the homeopathy. Before doing homeopathy, my son was doing well, improving, but there were so many mountains left to climb. The difference between biomed and homeopathy is night and day. I still feel like I am living in a dream.
    What Pierre does is through the consult with you is he finds the constitutional remedy for the child (there is only one remedy) – the results for many of these kids have been amazing!

  5. T Critch says:

    So did one remedy cause the healing? Or did you do one remedy, then once certain behaviors/symptoms were relieved move onto another remedy? We saw a naturopath over a year ago who gave us a number of homeopathic preparations. We left the appointment with a bag of 10-12 liquids and pills to give. We saw nothing with these additions, if anything, thing got worse. It kind of turned me off to the homeopathic aspect. But I suppose just like anything, there are good homeopathic doctors and bad ones. I saw also a lot of parents saying they don’t discuss the consults they have with other parents unless they too have already completed a consult with him, why is that?

  6. Mom says:

    Yes, one remedy did the healing. Doing one remedy for x symptoms, another remedy for y symptoms is more of a sequential homeopathy approach. Pierre is a classical homeopath. I totally agree – there are good and bad, with everything.
    The consults are of a deeply personal nature for many, so they may not want to share what they revealed during their consult. Since what they discussed was so personal, it will not be helpful to you in anyway because it does not apply to you. You going in with a blank slate (not someone else’s consult on your mind) is the best way for Pierre to be able to dig down to finding the remedy he needs to find for your child.

  7. T Critch says:

    Thank you for all your info. Pierre wasn’t taking new patients when I called, and was booking into the end of April. So I am going to try John Melnychuk. I have our appointment in less than two weeks. I am very nervous and excited, homeopathy is so opposite to so much of the biomedical approach it is difficult to mentally detach from that and be open to other things after doing biomed so long. Thanks again.

  8. sylwiag77 says:

    I had an initial consult with Pierre today! It was nothing what I expected..I didn’t like it ..it was too emotional and embarrassing I have to say… So Pierre only chose remedy for my son and I didn’t get anything…and I hear that sometimes the whole family get remedies..I still have a lot of doubts if this helps…My son is 4 yo and with very little speech and tons of stimming but aware what is happening around him…we do biomedical for more than 2 years with some progress ..and no chelation yet!!!

  9. abbysworld says:

    We have only done a 5 rounds of chelation (AC Protocol). We have actually seen some nice improvements already. I guess my question would be, would you start the hompeopathy now or wait to get a little more chelation under our belts? My son is very verbal now, but I am most worried about an accurate assessment as he will always provide you with an answer to your question, but he is highly unreliable. He may give you the answer he thinks that you want to hear or the funny answer as opposed to the real answer. This is especially true when it comes to how he feels physically. Albeit, since starting chelation he seems to be more willing to consider answering the question accurately and will sometimes give what seems to be the correct answer. He actually hopped out of bed the other night and told me that he needed melatonin to sleep and “the purple pill” (DMSA) so that he didn’t feel sick. Chelation may or may not resolve this further so I don’t want to wait for nothing, but I don’t want to start off with an inaccurate assessment either. Just wondering what your take on this might be. My son is 10.

  10. Mom says:

    Hi Abby, I would chelate until you have had your consult and are about to give the remedy. Then, I suggest you take a break from chelating so you are absolutely sure what you are seeing gains from. This is really important so you don’t waste time. The homeopath should start by interviewing you – it may not even be necessary for him/her to speak to your son at all. (It wasn’t here, but every case is unique.) If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me at mom (at) recoveringnicholas.com.

  11. Mom says:

    You’re very welcome! Good luck! Homeopathy is certainly a completely different adventure!!

  12. dbcmom says:

    It is fantastic that your son is making such amazing progress. However, as the mother of a son with autism and someone who works with children and teens on the autism spectrum, I can not for the life of me understand why you would not put what “remed” you are using on your son. Even Jenny Mccarthy puts names of vitamins and things she used and uses on her son. It is very irresponsoble of you to withhold this “cure” or you are compl;etely off base on what you are saying.Otherwise, you would simply say the name of the “remedy”.

  13. Mom says:

    Claire, This blog is full of names of supplements, medications, therapies, etc that have worked for Nicholas. The name of his remedy is not listed here because there is not ONE remedy for autism. It was a remedy picked for his particular case by his classical homeopath. Homeopathy is not something that is DIY and giving a child a remedy that does not fit their case can be harmful to them.
    Please take your hostility elsewhere, I will not be approving anymore of your posts.
    Good luck to you.

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