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Round 75: Complete

Another round done…. Nicholas was awesome this weekend!!

High Dose Vitamin A Protocol – 3rd Round

We just completed the 2 Day High Dose Vitamin A Protocol for the third time. It always seems like we get some good gains afterward, but I must admit I am a little disappointed that we haven’t seen anything major happen. I should run his measles titers and see if they have come down any. […]

Round 74: Complete

We were up so late last night that I slept through the alarm, hence ending this round.

Round 73: Complete

Another round gone…

Round 72: Complete

another one bites the dust….

Update on Nicholas

We’re past the 70 rounds of chelation mark and an update is long overdue. During the past 20 rounds, Nicholas has made so many huge improvements that life for us is very, very different than it once was. His language continues to grow in leaps and bounds. He still has some trouble with certain sounds, […]

Round 71: Complete

Round 71: Complete

Saturday with Mommy & Nicholas

Nicholas is a very different child than he was 6 months ago, a year ago. I would even have to say that he’s a different child from the one he was 3 months ago. We could not be happier with his progress… We just got back from Toys R Us. He’s downstairs happily playing a […]

Round 70 Complete!

Time flies – before I know it, we’ll be at 100!! With every round we finish, we see more Nicholas. More of who he actually is hiding behind the autism that is disappearing right in front of our very eyes….. Detoxing him is not changing who he is, it’s allowing him to actually be who […]

Round 69: Complete!

Due to snow days and the holiday, we did an extended round from Thursday night to Tuesday morning.

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