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Round 68 Complete!

Another one bites the dust!

Round 67 Complete!

Another round complete!

Round 66 Complete!!

Done with Round 66!!

Started Cytoflora today

Started with 6 drops – we’ll be ramping up to 5 dropperfuls 2x a day. If we see good things from this, we’ll go as high as 5 dropperfuls 2x a day and gauge the best dose for him. Update – 1/27/2010: After speaking with a friend, I decided to be a little bit quicker […]

We truly now know the value of Culturelle

I love Culturelle, always have. Nicholas has been on it from the very beginning. It’s been pretty much one of very few supplements that I never changed brands, looked to remove from his regiment, etc. In December, I ran out of it and figured he could go a little while without it until I started […]

Round 65 Complete!

Keeping count!!

Round 64 Complete!

This round brought another set of good gains which we saw throughout this past weekend. I hope to have my update on Nicholas post done soon…..

Round 63 Complete

Keeping count

Round 62: Complete

We took a 2 week break and are back to chelating.

Round 61: Complete

Keeping score..

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