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June 2013 Update on Nicholas

I wrote this post in June 2013 – but never got back to publish it…. sharing it with you all now… My son is graduating 2nd grade this year and moving onto a new school. As I sat in his finale assembly watching him sing with the graduating class the other day, my eyes flooded […]


It’s been ages since I’ve written a post for this blog and I never thought I’d be able to say this, but life has returned to normal for all of us in this house. Nicholas continues to do well and exceed our expectations. He plays sports, he has friends. He is just so much fun […]

Living life… autism-free!!

Thank you all for the emails inquiring about Nicholas. We’re all doing great and continue to be ecstatic with his progress with homeopathy! Autism took away so much of our lives for too long, as I am sure you can imagine… whether it’s one day or three years, it’s all too long when you are […]

Update on Nicholas – Our One Year Homeopathy Anniversary!

I met Pierre Fontaine a year ago today and it was a day that ended up changing our lives. As with any treatment we had done, I had hopes that this would be the one when I walked into his building, but after seeing big-name DAN doctors who didn’t offer me much more than a […]

Update on Nicholas

We have been doing homeopathy for 7 months now and I have been meaning to write an update, but we have been so busy that it has been very difficult to sit down and actually complete one. Nicholas continues to do well and has continued to make incredible gains despite us dropping all of his […]

Current update on Nicholas

I am currently working on an update on Nicholas, but just wanted to add a quick post to clear up some misconceptions about my son’s recovery. 1. He is NOT on a diet. He eats whatever he wants with no adverse effects. 2. He is NOT on any supplements. He is NOT on any medication. […]

Update on Nicholas… The Introduction of Classical Homeopathy

Parents: I just wanted to add this note to my update as it has come to my attention that there are homeopaths out there using Nicholas’s progress to either bring in business for themselves and/or discredit the biomedical interventions that have recovered/are recovering many children from autism. First, biomedical intervention has recovered MANY children from […]

Pollen, pollen go away…

Nicholas’s poor eyes always seem to get the brunt of allergy season. He gets better, more managable once it rains, but until it rains, it’s brutal. The whites of his eyes get all distorted, swollen and puffy to the point of looking like they are cemented shut. This year, Claritin failed us. Last year, we […]

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