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Homeopathy Recovery Story: Autism & Verbal Apraxia

My friend, L, wrote up a synopsis of her son’s recovery story for me to share with everyone. When I heard of the amazing progress her son had made with classical homeopathy & Pierre Fontaine, I felt compelled to look into homeopathy. This was one of the recovery stories which made me make our initial […]

Max’s Journey after an adverse reaction to the Hep B vaccine

This video is about Max Majeski’s journey after an adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth.

More DMSA recovery stories…

Here are some more recovery stories which involved using DMSA and/or ALA chelation: New! Andy Cutler Protocol Recovery Post Julian’s Recovery Story Rachael’s Recovery Story 7 Year Old Girl Kolin’s Story AC Chelation Protocol Progress Reports 10 months into recovery Recovery in Progress: MyLostChild

Recovery Stories and Recoveries in Progress using DMSA and/or ALA

In addition to my own recovery story, here are some other stories from those who have recovered or are currently in the process of recovering from using DMSA and/or ALA. For more information on the protocol I am using to recover my son, click here. New! From Severely Autistic at age 6 to… Michael, age […]

More Recovery Videos…

Yep, you guessed it… I’m writing about and posting recovery stories today…. In case you have not already seen them, there are a bunch of recovery videos here: Generation Rescue Testimonials

Nathan loses his ASD diagnosis!

Readers: Please go to to send your congratulations to Angela (Nathan’s mom) so she receives them. From My son, Nathan, lost his autism diagnosis on April 8th, 2009. I don’t even know where to begin. I am still trying to bring my mind back from being around the moon for HIM!!! I have […]

A Must See… Kyle’s Recovery Interview

What is “Recovery”?

There seems to be alot of debate going around lately as to what the term “recovery” means when it is applied to autism. So, I’m sharing my definition… what the word “recovery” means to me. Many parents are considering their children “Recovered” while still maintaining a full regiment of supplements, a special diet, hbot therapy, […]

Recovery Story: Brothers in Arms

Autism recovery stories:Brothers in arms Originally Posted: May 11th, 2008 Kathleen Sullivan and her husband were so preoccupied with their older son, Max, and his diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome that they didn’t immediately notice when 18-month old Ty started to regress. Ty, the gregarious, social one of the family, was saying his first word at […]

Other stories of Recovery

You can do this.  You can recover your child from autism.  Parents are doing it every day, in every country of the world.  You’re a part of our club now – and not that we wanted any new members, you’re one of us and we are all here to help you every step of the […]

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