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Update on Nicholas – Our One Year Homeopathy Anniversary!

I met Pierre Fontaine a year ago today and it was a day that ended up changing our lives. As with any treatment we had done, I had hopes that this would be the one when I walked into his building, but after seeing big-name DAN doctors who didn’t offer me much more than a […]

Eric’s Homeopathy Recovery in Progress…. Autism, Apraxia, Ataxic Cerebal Palsy, Scoliosis, Severe Central hypotonia, GI issues….

Thank you, Ann, for sharing your progress with Pierre Fontaine – I am thrilled for Eric and your family – this is just amazing news!! First, a little background: Eric has autism, ataxic cerebral palsy, apraxia of speech, scoliosis, severe central hypotonia, GI issues….you name it. When I first heard about Pierre, I had been […]

Benjamin’s Homeopathy Recovery…

Thanks to my friend, J, for sharing her son’s story. They started with Pierre Fontaine in July of 2010. Congratulations Benjamin! This is amazing – I am so happy for you – for all of you!! Update on Benjamin!! He has been doing amazingly well! We are totally not doing our diet anymore now…I introduced […]

Eli’s Homeopathy Recovery from Autism in progress

This is some news I received from a friend of mine today who is also seeing Pierre Fontaine. With her permission, I am sharing it with you. Thank you so much, V, for allowing me to share your wonderful progress. I am so very happy for you and excited for your child!! Over all good […]

Recovery Story in the making: Pierre Fontaine & Cutler Chelation

I’ve had some requests to give an update on our recovery efforts with AC chelation and homeopathy with Pierre Fontaine. Here’s our story so far. My almost 7 year old is DX’d with autism although he is more Asperger’s like. My 5 year old is almost NT. I have bad bad chronic fatigue. Let’s talk […]

Homeopathy Recovery Story: Autism & PANDAS

Thank you, Mary, for detailing this amazing story of recovery. This child is completely recovered from autism. He no longer requires any diet nor any supplements. This was one of the stories which led me to Pierre Fontaine. Mary, there is no way I could ever thank you enough. I told the story of my […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: Potty trained in a week!

Thank you, MS, for sharing your son’s progress with me and allowing me to publish it here! G’s progress from August 26th…. My son started his remedy on June 13 Gains I saw after first dose: AWARENESS!! Then that one fade… but gave me HOPE!!!!! After that he went to a movie for first time […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: Not as strict on diet after 5 weeks!

Here is an update from J regarding her son. At the time of her update, her son had been on his homeopathic remedy for 5 weeks. Thanks J for letting me share this on my blog! We are seeing alot of things that are new that we like. I have noticed that when you joke […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: fastest progress we’ve seen

Thank you, M, for sending me your story to share on my blog. I look forward to hearing about your continued success!! Last January my 3y/o daughter was pretty much nonverbal. we had PE tubes placed in her ears for HBOT and the day of her surgery she labeled an ‘apple’ and a ‘banana.’ She […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: “I feel happy”

This is from my friend, D. Thanks for letting me post this update about your son’s progress with homeopathy! I look forward to hearing more about his progress in the future!! My Asperger son is normally an inflexible, anxious, and generally unhappy child. Before starting his remedy, he had most recently talked about dying when […]

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