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Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: Potty trained in a week!

Thank you, MS, for sharing your son’s progress with me and allowing me to publish it here! G’s progress from August 26th…. My son started his remedy on June 13 Gains I saw after first dose: AWARENESS!! Then that one fade… but gave me HOPE!!!!! After that he went to a movie for first time […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: Not as strict on diet after 5 weeks!

Here is an update from J regarding her son. At the time of her update, her son had been on his homeopathic remedy for 5 weeks. Thanks J for letting me share this on my blog! We are seeing alot of things that are new that we like. I have noticed that when you joke […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: fastest progress we’ve seen

Thank you, M, for sending me your story to share on my blog. I look forward to hearing about your continued success!! Last January my 3y/o daughter was pretty much nonverbal. we had PE tubes placed in her ears for HBOT and the day of her surgery she labeled an ‘apple’ and a ‘banana.’ She […]

Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: “I feel happy”

This is from my friend, D. Thanks for letting me post this update about your son’s progress with homeopathy! I look forward to hearing more about his progress in the future!! My Asperger son is normally an inflexible, anxious, and generally unhappy child. Before starting his remedy, he had most recently talked about dying when […]

Homeopathy Recovery Story: Autism & Verbal Apraxia

My friend, L, wrote up a synopsis of her son’s recovery story for me to share with everyone. When I heard of the amazing progress her son had made with classical homeopathy & Pierre Fontaine, I felt compelled to look into homeopathy. This was one of the recovery stories which made me make our initial […]

Pierre Fontaine’s lecture on homeopathy to the National Autism Association

February 23, 2010 Pierre Fontaine’s lecture on homeopathy to the National Autism Association New York Metro Chapter. Pierre Fontaine explained how homeopathic remedies are different from biochemical treatment. We are bio-dynamic, and homeopathy directly supports the bio-dynamic system. He explained that illness always manifests itself on the physical, mental and emotional plane simultaneously.

Update on Nicholas… The Introduction of Classical Homeopathy

Parents: I just wanted to add this note to my update as it has come to my attention that there are homeopaths out there using Nicholas’s progress to either bring in business for themselves and/or discredit the biomedical interventions that have recovered/are recovering many children from autism. First, biomedical intervention has recovered MANY children from […]

Interview with Pierre Fontaine: Homeopathy & Autism

June 4th, Pierre Fontaine joined me live on Biomed for Autism’s radio show to discuss classical homeopathy for children with autism. You can listen to the archive here: Visit the Biomed for Autism Facebook page to keep up on future events! Pierre Fontaine, RSHom (NA), CCH, has been a professional Homeopath in New York […]

Live Interview: Classical Homeopathy with Pierre Fontaine

On Friday, June 4th at 2:00pm EST, Pierre Fontaine will be live on Biomed for Autism’s radio show. You can dial into the show to listen to the live show at (347)989-8377 or you can listen directly online here: Visit the Biomed for Autism Facebook page to keep up on future events or to […]

Pollen, pollen go away…

Nicholas’s poor eyes always seem to get the brunt of allergy season. He gets better, more managable once it rains, but until it rains, it’s brutal. The whites of his eyes get all distorted, swollen and puffy to the point of looking like they are cemented shut. This year, Claritin failed us. Last year, we […]

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