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Great Age of Autism piece: Autism, Cancer and AIDS

Autism, Cancer and AIDS

An example of brilliance at the FDA….

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday said children shouldn’t stop taking drugs that treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, despite a study showing the stimulants may be associated with sudden death. FDA Cites Limitations of ADHD Drug Study

Autism & Toxins, Jay Gordon, M.D.

Great piece by Dr Jay Gordon. Thank you for everything you do, Dr Jay. Autism & Toxins, Jay Gordon, M.D. Dr. Karp, if you are going to talk and blog about kitchen cleaners, furniture polish, pesticides and other toxins, how can you possibly ignore the 30-40 injections of potentially risky material we give children in […]


JULIA WON HER LAWSUIT WITH THE VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM! THE GOVERNMENT CONCEDED! This means that they agreed that the MMR vaccine caused her encephalitis and resultant brain damage (I mean Marvelous Mind – right Howard!!). This is such a huge, huge, huge help for Julia and my family. The government will reimburse all of […]

Great recap of “The Doctors” episode on Autism

This is a great recap of ‘The Doctors” episode on Autism with Jenny McCarthy, JB Handley, Dr Kartzinel and Stan Kurtz which aired on May 6th, 2009. Vaccines and Autism: Your Child and “The Greater Good” Yesterday’s episode of “The Doctors” was worth watching, if only because it is sure to stir more debate and […]

CDC withheld evidence that contaminated tap water caused lead poisoning in kids.

If you still believe that the CDC, FDA or the AAP care about our kids and have their best interests in mind (and not their own), I’d like to know how much it would take for you to change your mind. Wake up people. Health agency covered up lead harm The Centers for Disease Control […]

Carly Fleischmann, 14 year old with Autism, on LKL

14-year old Carly Fleischmann was on Larry King Live last Friday. She is an amazing girl with autism. She can’t speak, but has found a powerful voice. This segment really touched me – just more evidence to let us know that our kids hear everything and are very much aware of what is going on […]

Larry King Live: The Debate Over Autism

Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carey, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, JB Handley (Generation Rescue) and Dr. Bernadine Healy (Former former Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), largest U.S. federal agency responsible for conducting and supporting medical research. Dr. Healy has no known conflicts of interest in the vaccine-autism debate) were on Larry King Live April 3rd, […]

Alison Singer campaigning to become Autism Czar

Well, apparently Alison Singer is campaigning to become the Autism Czar…. I don’t need to tell you that there could not possibly be a worse choice. Please pass this around…. Alison Singer as Autism Czar? Oh Please Lord… No.

Generation Rescue in USA Today

Click to read about it! Thanks Generation Rescue! This is awesome!!

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