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Vitamins and Minerals and supplements, oh my!

Been meaning to write this out for a while….  bear with me – this is a work in progress.  I just wanted a space to keep all of my reasons for starting Nicholas on a particular supplement.  If it’s listed here, it’s because it works for him. PS – If you’re reading my blog to help your […]

I was right……… thank goodness!!!

It was the MB-12 conflicting with the TMG in the Brainchild Nutritionals.  I’m so relieved to have finally figured it out.  It took us a little while to get back on track, but we swapped out the Brainchild Spectrum Support II w/Pak for the Sensitive version and had to add some additional supplements to make […]

I think I’ve figured it out… finally…..

I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to figure out what caused his continued regression even after we got his supplements back on track.  Then, I had a moment of clarity the other day and it hit me.  Dec 11th, we went from MB-12 every 3rd day to every 2nd day.  It has been mentioned that […]

Restarting Brainchild Nutritionals

We can’t take seeing him like this any longer.  So, we stopped the DRN formula and restarted our previous multi vitamin/mineral.  I spoke to Randy (from Hopewell) and Brainchild – neither thought that a dose of less than 20mg of TMG per day (he only gets one teaspoon) was enough to inhibit the MB-12 shots from […]

Adding Kirkman DRN formula to replace Brainchild Vitamins & Minerals

Started DRN formula (from kirkman) – this has high dose vit-a and not the same quantities of the brainchild’s. Also, no folinic acid in the DRN. Dr suggested this be added at the same time MB-12 was started because we saw such a regression with the removal of the brainchild. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Added a Multi Vitamin!

I started Nicholas on a specialty mutli vitamin/mineral supplement from Brainchild Nutritionals. Spectrum II with PAK

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