Day Two on Threelac

I think we need to lower the dose for a while and ramp up to a full package per day – one pack a day is much too much.   Clearly, it’s doing something good or else we wouldn’t be seeing such a strong die-off effect.  Nicholas is literally bouncing off the walls.  Last night, it was 3am by the time we finally got him in bed for the night and it was almost 1am tonight.  This was after 3 hours of screaming, temper tantrums, you name it.  It was BAD.  I’m thinking about a couple of different options, one being to give it a break for a few days, then try again on 1/4 package 2x per day.  Following it with some Activated Charcoal to mop up the toxins might not be such a bad idea either.   OR to just break it down to 2x a day 1/2 package each time, followed by the Activated Charcoal – and see if that makes any difference, if not, drop it down to 1/4 package 2x/day.

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