Every juice starts with apple juice

*This pisses me off.

Why?  Why does every juice out there have to have apple juice in it?  Is it the cheapest juice out there that is easily mixed with other flavors? 

Because of this, Nicholas can’t have 99.9% of the juices out there.  I’m at the mercy of paying almost $4 per bottle of pure juice purees.   Juice boxes are pretty much out. 

So, since it took quite a bit of digging before I found info on apples – and tied them to the hyperactivity in my son – and removed them and saw a HUGE difference.   Do you think it might be possible that the apple juice we all grew up on has something to do with the mass amounts of kids who are hyperactive?  I think it’s quite possible, even at a small percentage.  (The other percentage can certainly be contributed to those wonderful food dyes.)   How sad.  I just think about the kids with the parents who dont know any better who put their kids on drugs to calm them down when all they needed to do was remove the offending foods/drinks.  Nice.

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