On our way to the Rally….

So, we’re on our way to Washington DC for the Green Our Vaccines rally.  My mom, mother-in-law and myself are all ready to stand up and be heard on behalf of our precious Nicholas.  I’m hoping to meet lots of great people there while showing the world that change needs to happen with the harm that is happening to our innocent children.

Still, today, with all of the news and all of the hype, there are parents (and parents of kids with autism, no less) that don’t have a clue that vaccines could have been the culprit behind their child’s illness.  In the very least, I hope this rally makes people wake up and do the research before they blindly vaccinate their children on the vigorous schedule which was created with compliance and pediatrician convenience in mind.

So, if you see me or my moms at the rally, say hello!  We’ll be carrying these:

Green Our Vaccines Rally Sign

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